Friday, 8 June 2012

Screw Mayan prophecies and gimme Aztec prints!

Despite the cold and rain, I'm going from hot to cold all day, thus the clothes are baggy and airy but with scope for layers. I love these leggings as they are kind of the perfect Aztec print and the combination of colours is fantastic. They are also one of the few Aztec-printed items I indulged in, despite my desire to buy everything mildly Aztec-influenced this season. I've always loved the Aztecs; did several projects on them in Primary School, read anything Horrible Histories had to say about 'em and delighted in disgusting my mother with accounts of their sacrifices et merde. Like Joan of Arc, they were one of my random, weird childhood obsessions.

I also adore this tank. It's way oversize so it covers the butt which is good because leggings without a dress or long top over them are never okay. I don't care how thin you are. Wobbling still happens. Put it away. Moving on from that mini-rant (but, really, I'm trying to improve the world a little here by saying this), I bought it in a River Island sale and the oversize was more because (a) I liked it and it wasn't in smaller sizes and (b) Money burns a deep, painful hole in my pocket. However, it being oversized has come in handy, like example. I tend to only ever shop the men's and oversize women's in the RI sales as they seem to attract pure trash and tack otherwise; so much bad neon. Shudder.  

Leggings - Ax Paris - Top - River Island - Runners - Office - Croptop - UO

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