Thursday, 21 June 2012

Not a Lana del Ray of sunshine in sight...

Got back from a brief visit to Bev's to drop by birthday goodies and wishes and listened to records in my room. The rain of today meant that my hayfever relaxed for a bit; sad that the rain was a relief...Outfit today was a bit of a mess as I got dressed in a hurry but I changed my shoes and added jewellery once I got home and it was much, much better. Kind of a vintage and Lana del Rey inspired look. Lots of prints going on - a mix of florals and a tiger print. I'm terrible for dressing for sun when there is none...

Top - Penney's - Skirt - H&M - Shoes - Topshop - Bag - Old dress-up bag - Ring - Boutique in Turin - Necklace - Rodrigo Otazu

Basket that transported goodies and went with my outfit in quite a fetching manner.

My records.

Random crap over the door of my room.

AMAZING - Smells so good!

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