Thursday, 28 June 2012

Flannel is my comfort blanket.

Today was one that could have easily spelled disaster; buses broke down and clouds looked ready to burst at any moment. However, I was pleasantly surprised by both the weather and just how awesome my friends are. It's nice to know that they'll come all the way to Hickville, Ireland, just to visit me. A tea crawl, sweet shop raid and hike meant lots of walking in post, and pre, rain conditions ergo my faithful Docs were cracked out and cleaned of paint only to be covered in mud. Never mind, (heh) they can take it! The necessity of the Docs and the fact that my favourite band tee was just washed lead to a grungier outfit than I had intended. It was comfy as heck, though, and Granny even commented that I was in a sensible "rig-out" for once. Getting up in the mornings doesn't agree with me, either, so my outfit for today was never going to be overly elaborate. 

To avoid too much pastiche I made sure that the entire look wasn't baggy (unflattering on me, anyhoo, being small in stature) by just wearing leggings on bottom, under the long tee and shirt worn alternately on top or around my waist for shape. The sunglasses put a cute twist on an androgynous look and also hearkened back to a famous red pair worn by Kurt Cobain while the crucifix mixed in goth influence. A kind of modern take on practical grunge for the girl about town (and nearby hills). x

Tee - UO - Shirt - Urban Renewal for UO - Leggings - Topshop - Crucifix - Topshop - Docs - Sunglasses - Topshop

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