Wednesday, 20 June 2012

A touch of NYC even though I can barely see...

Oh, the hayfever is bad. Very, very bad. I can barely open my eyes, they're so poofy. After getting up, ready for a day where I might even do something constructive, it hit me like a brick flung by an angry hick. Gone were any ideas of doing something and so began a Sex and the City binge. Which lead to a Carrie influence in my outfit of the day. The shoes I originally wore are much higher and much more Carrie but I had enough pain in my eyes and throat and said "Screw it" to the shoes. The dress - vintage - is kind of fifties-like and very adorable, I mixed it with elements one might not automatically match; oversize jumper, Betsey Johnson pale pink tights and an amazing, colourful bag. The all-over-the-place-ness made me think of Carrie and it was a playful outfit for smiling and the summer (despite the fact that the summer is trying to kill me). Mam took me comfort food shopping and we hit five different supermarkets. I'm not even sure what we bought...The cakes I got didn't survive to see the camera or tell their story but my pink lemonade is still hanging in there! Despite everything else, today is a good day. My pseudo-sibling, Paula, is having her 18th birthday party tonight (which is disturbing because that means my little bro and sis are nearly 18 too) and my oldest and wisest of best friends, Bev-Wev, turns 21. Celebrations of a very indoor related kind x

Dress - Vintage - Jumper - Vintage - Earrings - Betsey Johnson - Tights - Betsey Johnson - Shoes - Topshop - Bag - Boutique in Carlow - Gunmetal bracelet - Topman - Twisted bracelet - Boutique in Spain - Bangles - Assorted - Belt - Penney's

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