Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Tea-rrific outing outfit.

I can almost hear the collective groan at that pun. Apologies. Actually, screw that, I apologise for nothing! Today I met people in town to bade farewell to D-Hal for the summer. He's off to New York, the bastard. Majorly jealous as I would be headed there too if I were more organised! I guess I'll have to focus my energies on this blog and my writing. 

Anyhoo, we went for tea in the Tea Garden (ergo, punny title) which is super-adorable and, as we were sitting on cushions on the ground and as the weather was being an ass, practicality was the requirement of the day. First day that I've worn trousers in ages. The outfit recalls the run of Buffy-inspired outfits that I wore for a few weeks just before I began this blog; cute hat, denim jacket and pretty lace top. Originally I had knee-high brown suede boots that I'm sure Buffy would have died over but suede + drizzle = trouble and so, sadly, I had to change. 

Hat - Handmade in Galway - Denim Jacket - Steilmann - Jeans - Pieces - Top - Zorbé - Backpack - Vintage - Runners - Office - Pendant - Pilgrim Jewellery (a gift from Mammy when I was 16)

I also bought a Sparkle and Fade crop-top in Urban Outfitters when I was out and about today. I'm excited to try it out! Watch this space.

Cute boyish shape up front.

Adorable cut-out in back.

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