Sunday, 30 September 2012


Here are a sample of the awesome fashion-related presents I got this year! 

I love my godmother. She's rad. Jewellery and a Topshop voucher are always fantastic gifts.

Danish jewellery design is just the best
...but, then, so too is its Irish counterpart! Killarney Crystal do some stunning vintage-inspired pieces! This one was given to me by my Mammy.
Cheeky outfit post snuck in here - including the denim jacket my sibs bought me! It's perfect! I was looking for one with a boxy shape and lighter wash.

Friday, 28 September 2012

My Amsterdam Look

I'm doing a module in Northern Painting this year and I also had a reader suggest I enter an awesome easyJet competition asking bloggers to come up with looks inspired by Amsterdam so I thought "Why not?". I said I'd give it a stab and label it "study".

When I think of Amsterdam (despite never having been there), I am dually inspired by both the old and new.

The old (the buildings, the Vermeers and Rembrandts which immediately come to mind) is opulent but restrained, pious but sensuous and with an eye for detail and so it was a great opportunity to use the abundance of Baroque-inspired clothes in stores at the moment to put an outfit together. The result is a decadent outfit composed of a gold and red palette, velvet, jewels and pearls - perfect for randomly looking way over-dressed! (PS As an art historian I know how problematic the term "baroque" actually is and that the works below don't even really fall under this title at all so I'm using it in a very vague, fashion-trend specific sense here!)

1. Dolce and Gabbana 2.Alexander McQueen 3. Topshop 4. Dolce and Gabbana

The new inspired the day looks. The street style of Amsterdam is majorly inspiring - so urban, so contemporary, so easy, so cool. It's an aesthetic I love; simple, rad clothes that are easy to wear and have clean lines. And it inspired the below; two chic outfits for ambling round the city like an It Girl.

1. Zara 2. Jil Sander 3. Zara 4. Topshop 5. JW Anderson 6. Jil Sander 7. Isabel Marant

But, yeah, it was mostly just fun to put outfits I can't afford together. Oh, and to creep on street style...I mean "study". It was fun to "study".

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

The One an awesome manhua by Lee Nicky. Well, it is if you love cheesy shojo. And if you have patience. Releases are slow and nothing really happens in a single issue so I'd ration it, if you're interested in getting into it.

What does this have to do with anything? Good question.

See The One centres around the fashion industry and features amazing clothes, images inspired by real shoots and characters who are thinly veiled personas from the industry such as Karl Lagerfeld and Andrej Pejic. For this alone it's really interesting.

But the best part of The One are images such as the following:

Monday, 24 September 2012

My Real Birthday!

I've now been 21 for half an hour. Don't feel any different...

If people want to be lovely for this momentous occasion then: (a) follow me! and/or (b) send me all the clothes I've been lusting after on here! (Seriously, if that can be arranged, I won't complain)

Have my outfit of the day and celebrate what is sure to become an international holiday!

Jil Sander S/S 2013




Menswear influence.

Sex Appeal.

All of the above could be used to describe the S/S 2013 Jil Sander collection.

So, it's a little bit exactly what you'd expect from a Jil Sander collection but it's still uber-gorgeous. The palette from A/W is referenced with more splashes of white to make it more summery but the coherence is kind of wonderful and those cherry reds, dusky pinks and burgundy shades are just perfect. I really adore those colours so I'm glad they've been used once more. The navy menswear inspired looks are important highlights in my eyes, as are the coats and suit alternatives/coordinates/suits (as per for Jil Sander) while a couple of the dresses just aren't doing it for me. A little on the sack side of things. In the dresses that get it right there's an accentuating of hips and skimming of the body thing going on that I'm totally feeling.Their models are the best as always, the styling is so on point and the hair and makeup is laid back and refreshing. Overall, a solid, unsurprising but beautiful collection.

The pictures are a selection of backstage shots and my favourite looks and are from You should totally check out their new(ish) layout - it's awesome and especially fantastic for viewing shows.

Friday, 21 September 2012

Freshers' Week Day Five - Last Day of Freshers' Ever

Sweet Jesus! I just realised really is my last ever day of Freshers'. Well, that's an upsetting concept...

Anyway. Moving on and ignoring the impending feelings of doom and terror as the end of college looms closer and closer. Today I wore a loosely punk inspired outfit. This should have fit in on day two as grunge was the genre I was exposed to as a baby with cool parents who liked Nirvana and partied in France and punk was the next huge genre in my life which changed it forever. I found the Ramones the summer I was fifteen and they were what I listened to (no joke) exclusively for three months. Listening to them now makes me feel that age again - rollerblading in the sun with not one single worry in the world and feeling like I'd tapped in to some massive secret.

The tee is my first ever Ramones tee which I destroyed with a scissors one day. It's from HMV and for a dude and made of horrible material but it'll probably always be my favourite.

There's a lot of nostalgia and warm memories going on in this outfit. Not really where I'm at aesthetically anymore but so important to who I became in more ways than style-wise. Punk gave me an identity and a bigger force to hide behind when being a teenager was hard and being idealistic, opinionated, female and from a small town in Ireland was even harder.

And it all began with the Ramones. Thanks for that. I love you guys x

Thursday, 20 September 2012

I'm sorry...

...after one day of keeping my promise to update all this week, it all went right out the window. That road and all the intentions it was paved with...Anyway, I'M SORRY. I'm shit, I know. Real life was real life and got in the way. I probably should have expected that...

For now, have this picture of an amazing bag I saw. And, yes, I realise I'm a bit of a creep.

Hopefully, I'll have something a tad more substantial tomorrow.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Freshers' Week Day One - Grunge

I said I'd try to post my music inspired outfits each day and I've managed not to disappoint so far - one for one! Go me! Musical inspiration for today was grunge and I went with it (a) for the warmth flannel lends on a windy day on a stand and (b) because chronologically it comes first as a music influence in my life.

In other news, read my articles for The Fair magazine here: 
And don't forget to check out the magazine itself, too!

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Wandering fool.

Here are some pictures of how beautiful the light and city itself were in Dublin the other day and some architectural features that I thought were adorable. Then there are some shots of my outfit from Friday.

Freshers' Week begins tomorrow and as I'm chair of a music society I've vowed to wear only music inspired outfits for the week. Hopefully, I'll get them up each evening but I won't make promises. Keep your eyes peeled!

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Me? Productive?

I know! It's a shock! That online photography portfolio I said I'd put up and let you know about at some stage is already up. Have a look-see! What d'ya think? Bit of a hack?

Friday, 14 September 2012


Hey, guys! Sorry I've been crap with posts as of late...I did warn you that college starting up again would cause this...Anyway, this post is gonna be a lazy one because I took lots of pictures today but left my camera cable in my apartment and then went home for the weekend. Goddamn. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has been reading (I'm about to get soppy and emotional because it's the end of summer). I've met a few people in the last couple of days who have said the loveliest of things. So, I genuinely thank you all because it's been a bit of a learning curve and there's probably been some rocky moments that you've stuck with me through. I don't know who I love more for this; the people who already know/love me or the randomers who found me through this blog and became a bit of a pep squad. Either which way you're both great!

In other news, as soon as I get my shizz together there will be a major stylistic overhaul of this blog. Perhaps even a move to another platform (as good to me as Blogger has been). I want to go for something simpler, cleaner and more reflecting of where my aesthetic has gone. That's one thing I can definitely say for the blog, it's taught me a lot about myself and my personal style.

I also want to get an online photography portfolio set up because my pictures are generally better when I'm not trying to be both model (noise of derision) and photographer. We'll see if and when this actually happens.

Another thing is that I stumbled upon this blog ( and it's sister blogs by accident and they are all awesome for various reasons so you should definitely check them all out!

Let's see...what else?

Em, have a photo of me on a pogo stick, in the dark, leaning against a wall, with a super-high bun and Aran jumper...

Wednesday, 12 September 2012


Outfit from the other day. 

Keywords: slouchy, modern, print, clashing prints, urban.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Coats and Jackets from Zara.

Zara, seriously, stop it. Your clothes are too wonderful and I don't have enough money to buy them all. No, really. SQUEEEEEEE.

Okay, I've calmed myself a bit. Zara's offering some amazing coats and jackets for this coming cooler season. Here are just some of the best of the best and my personal favourites:

1. The Sequin Bomber - Because I'm bomber jacket crazy and sequins often spell tack for me but here? Spot on. What kind of damaged individual would say no to a bomber that looks equally good paired with a tee and jeans and a party dress?

2. The Mannish Coat - Because androgyny is in and this coat will never, ever be out. This is a wonderful example of a timeless, wear-til-it-tears garment. A must-have for every wardrobe.

3. Oversized leather - Because it's very versatile. You can make this waistcoat punk, darkly romantic or It-Girl cool. Run with it. Or better yet, run to me with one. Right now.

4. The Achingly Modern Cool - Because you want to be what you wear. This linen jacket is another highly versatile number that is fresh, a unique take on the biker and an easy way to rock A/W pastels.

All can be purchased in stores or at:

Summertime Sadness - LDR and Jaime King.

Babe and clothes envy central.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Lazy Sunday post...

...not because I'm having a lovely, lazy Sunday but because I'm headed to work in less than an hour and only got in from it at 4 last night.  So here are two fashion related links I found interesting:

Dr. Martens Autumn 2012 campaign shows you how exactly to be a hip young thing. And how you'll never be as hip as these people. Nah, seriously though, it's quite emotionally stirring and captures being young quite well - even if it is a little contrived. It's funny to see the brand with such a high fashion style ad - just goes to show how far it's come.

The second link is to a gallery of images on It shows models in their day-to-day clothes and I LOVE seeing models on their days off.

Enjoy! Hope your Sundays are more restful than mine.