Saturday, 30 June 2012

I feel an obsession coming on...

I was feeling that western influence again; maybe because it was so sunny or because I had another Will Oldham binge while helping Mam make dinner or maybe it was just in the air. The outfit began with a super-soft grey Topshop muscle tee which is one of the softest, most wonderful things to wear and then I added a prairie-skirt by Pepe Jeans that I got in a swapshop a while back and which is longer than the skirts I usually wear. It, therefore, required some extra height. Said height was donated by my cowboy shoes that I was wearing the other day which have a low, thick heel and allowed for a great deal more walking around than I can do in normal heels (I'm so bad at being a girl). I threw an old suede waistcoat of my dad's to add a touch of androgyny to quite a girly outfit. An added bonus was that this material suited the cowboy theme but the style and colour stopped short of turning this into a costume. Sparkly eyes, Topshop handcuff earrings and a messy plait completed the look; kind of urban cool meets the Wild West - what I imagine an urban cowboy should look like. 

My brother photo-bombing. It was funny, though I'd never admit it to his face as he was being really annoying today.

The brother trolls me further.

Yeah, this plait was totally intentionally's not 'cause I'm really bad at doing hair...heh...heh

Handcuff earrings - part Sheriff, part kink.

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