Monday, 4 June 2012

Vision of Elysian fields.

I got home in my comfy, cosy retro outfit and outside the light was hitting the field in our garden so prettily that the following had to happen! Soon Dad will cut that grass and the field won't be pretty. And it's only so long before hayfever catches up with me, I become allergic to summer once more and lying in a field will no longer be an option if I don't want my eyes to swell closed. Furthermore, God only knows when another day will go by without rain! That's Irish summers for ya!

So, I had an impromptu photoshoot while everything was so perfect for such a small amount of time...but I guess that's why it was so painfully beautiful, because, like everything else that is lovely, it's loveliness was finite and this brevity made it precious and made me appreciate it all the more.

Hat - Boutique in Italy - Necklace - Boutique in Spain - Skirt - Love for Topshop - Top - Penney's - Shoes - Paul & Joe - Bag & Sunglasses - Vintage - Ring - Topshop

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