Saturday, 9 June 2012

Shoot Out-takes and Behind the Scenes.

It was sunny for the first time in ages (and I realise how obsessed with weather and old mannish I've become here) which corresponded beautifully with mine and Bev's little project of the weekend. I'm entering the e-bay/Style Hunter styling competition for the craic and Bev kindly helped me with the girly things like hair and make-up and consulted on the whole styling thang. I had fun but I'm really weird about my eyes and I reckon my freak-outs while Bev was trying to doll me up might have frustrated her a tad...Sorry. I'm really, really weird about my eyes...I also managed to tip all the gross, stagnant water from a tire-swing all over my arm and freak my parents out with the tramping around in ridiculously elaborate outfits.

Here are the out-takes and behind the scenes from today x

Our colour palate. 

The jewellery options and some of the make-up.

Clothes options (a very small portion of them)

Small portion of shoe options.


Horsies and Belle, my puppy.

Dumping that water on myself.

Reaction shot.

Eyes closed but all the better to see Bev's mad make-up skills!

Hair via my sister, Anna.

Bev and her groovy moves.

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