Sunday, 17 June 2012

Eat your heart out, Bret.

So, Mam bought me this t-shirt with a Dalmatian on it a few days back and I'm seriously weirdly picky about t-shirts; I'm quite choosy about graphics, refuse to wear anything cheesy and usually avoid anything other than band tees and abstract designs. Don't get me started on t-shirts with text on them! (There are few things that make me shudder more than clothing with crap like "I love shoes and boys" or "Love" written on them. BARF.) Anyhoo, as a result of this tee-wariness I had no idea how to dress it but, as it was a gift from Mammy, I didn't want to be rude and decided to give it a chance. I pretended it was a jumper or t-shirt à la Bret of Flight of the Conchords.

This inspiration led me down a kind of kooky and vintage inspired road for the day. I treated the shirt as a jumper and put a collared shirt underneath and then put a Chanel-like jacket on top. With the elegant jacket and block heels, this look takes its inspiration from the fashion twist on the sixties that was all over catwalks for a while where the more preppy and elegant styles of the era were given a chintzy and kooky makeover. The headband was a total shout-out to Blair Waldorf. xoxo

Skirt - Topshop - T-shirt - Penney's - Collared shirt (beneath) - Penney's - Jacket - Penney's - Shoes - Topshop - Headband - Aldo - Tights - Dunnes - Earrings - Aldo - Bracelet - Vintage (from Granny x)

More sparkly nail polish.

Makeup from Catrice - Don't really know the brand but the packaging is sooo pretty...

...and I can never turn down ANYTHING labelled 'Baroque'

Also there's pretty patterns on the ACTUAL lipstick!

Even more sparkles.

Such pretty colours!

Eyeshadow is very subtle but pretty!

Gives a very fresh, pretty look.

The lipstick but toned down a tad - otherwise it would be a little too gothy for this look.

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