Saturday, 30 June 2012

I feel an obsession coming on...

I was feeling that western influence again; maybe because it was so sunny or because I had another Will Oldham binge while helping Mam make dinner or maybe it was just in the air. The outfit began with a super-soft grey Topshop muscle tee which is one of the softest, most wonderful things to wear and then I added a prairie-skirt by Pepe Jeans that I got in a swapshop a while back and which is longer than the skirts I usually wear. It, therefore, required some extra height. Said height was donated by my cowboy shoes that I was wearing the other day which have a low, thick heel and allowed for a great deal more walking around than I can do in normal heels (I'm so bad at being a girl). I threw an old suede waistcoat of my dad's to add a touch of androgyny to quite a girly outfit. An added bonus was that this material suited the cowboy theme but the style and colour stopped short of turning this into a costume. Sparkly eyes, Topshop handcuff earrings and a messy plait completed the look; kind of urban cool meets the Wild West - what I imagine an urban cowboy should look like. 

My brother photo-bombing. It was funny, though I'd never admit it to his face as he was being really annoying today.

The brother trolls me further.

Yeah, this plait was totally intentionally's not 'cause I'm really bad at doing hair...heh...heh

Handcuff earrings - part Sheriff, part kink.

Friday, 29 June 2012

Ready for the beach in peach.

It was like properly warm for the first time in ages so I cracked out the legs, they're not used to going so long without seeing the sun! I don't quite know what inspired this outfit. It looks kinda beachy, doesn't it? Ready for the beach in peach. 

Too bad I was nowhere near one...

Randomly elaborate jewellery is something I really enjoy and it happened again today. I also love these Topshop shorts, they're quite sporty but with a tweed-like metallic finish that makes me think of the lovechild of a Chanel and Alexander Wang garment - one can dream, right?

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Flannel is my comfort blanket.

Today was one that could have easily spelled disaster; buses broke down and clouds looked ready to burst at any moment. However, I was pleasantly surprised by both the weather and just how awesome my friends are. It's nice to know that they'll come all the way to Hickville, Ireland, just to visit me. A tea crawl, sweet shop raid and hike meant lots of walking in post, and pre, rain conditions ergo my faithful Docs were cracked out and cleaned of paint only to be covered in mud. Never mind, (heh) they can take it! The necessity of the Docs and the fact that my favourite band tee was just washed lead to a grungier outfit than I had intended. It was comfy as heck, though, and Granny even commented that I was in a sensible "rig-out" for once. Getting up in the mornings doesn't agree with me, either, so my outfit for today was never going to be overly elaborate. 

To avoid too much pastiche I made sure that the entire look wasn't baggy (unflattering on me, anyhoo, being small in stature) by just wearing leggings on bottom, under the long tee and shirt worn alternately on top or around my waist for shape. The sunglasses put a cute twist on an androgynous look and also hearkened back to a famous red pair worn by Kurt Cobain while the crucifix mixed in goth influence. A kind of modern take on practical grunge for the girl about town (and nearby hills). x

Tee - UO - Shirt - Urban Renewal for UO - Leggings - Topshop - Crucifix - Topshop - Docs - Sunglasses - Topshop

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Westward Ho...

(Heh, I love anything with the word 'ho' in it. I know, I know. I'm ridiculously immature and wayyy too easily entertained. Researching a name for this post, I went through cowboy movie lists on wikipedia. Hours of fun, right there. Some of the names are priceless: 1. The ones that sound hilariously homo-erotic. eg. "Hard Hombre" 2. The ones that sound like romance novels eg. "The Sheriff's Baby" 3. The ones that have names with funny modern connotations "Blue Steel" 4. Ones with 'ho' in the title eg. "Westward Ho" 5. The ones that are just funny, full stop eg. "Rip Roarin' Buckaroo" and "Sing, Cowboy, Sing". Seriously, they're great. Have fun.)

So, I'm totally in love with Isabel Marant's A/W 2012, cowboy-inspired line, as well as both the male and female lines from Nicholas Kunz for the upcoming season. I need the sexiest cowboy boots I've ever seen, being sold in Topshop right now. And I'm only listening to the most country of Will Oldham's songs. On a loop. I think I'm driving my family insane...

...Too bad. The Wild West has captured my heart...and, for today, my wardrobe.

Don't worry, though, I'd never wear the hats...It's all about the nod at inspirations, not being overly-obvious and wearing them on your head.

Shirt - UO - Jeggings - Penney's - Shoes - A market in Italy - Earrings and Necklace - Bijou Brigitte - Silver cuff bracelet - Present from Mammy, no idea where it's from - Bag - Penney's

I was joined by the horses, who just wanted to get their pictures online. Camera slags.

My awesome cowboy boot/mules lovechild shoes.

Belle, my puppy (Even though she's all growed up, she remains a puppy in my eyes)

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Shoes that glitter like stars...and some stripes

Found my anime of the summer (Saiunkoku Monogatari ). Thank Christ. While allowing a couple episodes to load, I decided to do some light household chores and finish cleaning up the painting job on the bathroom I did yesterday. I had originally decided to wear a very pretty sun-dress because, though it wasn't very sunny, it was quite warm today. Upon realisation of the amount of climbing ladders and washing floors I had ahead of me, I changed into the below outfit. All cotton, very airy and easy to move about in. Accessories bar the headband were abandoned for the day. I cracked out the sparkly shoes and set to work. Suddenly I realised that it was three o'clock and I'd been doing random chores for hours. How the hell did that happen?! I got a reprieve from helping out for the rest of the day though! And Sarah D came over for youtube hilarity. We're so funny.

I like the simplicity and limited palate of this outfit. There are really only three colours going on; blue, cream and silver. However, the mixing of textures (sparkles, cotton, the chiffon of the headband) and ideologies (naval inspiration, smart tapered pants, hippy hairpieces) created visual interest and added a sweetness and charm to an otherwise simple outfit. I also love me some stripes! This has to be one of my favourite outfits of late; minimal fuss, lots of adorableness!

Top - Stella Morgan - Trousers - Penney's - Shoes - Truffle - Headband and bag - Boutique in my hometown

Monday, 25 June 2012

Working 9 to 5, trying to stave off boredom...

I spent most of the day looking like Mario...if he had worked for Tetra Pak, that is. I borrowed Daddy's overalls as I had offered, out of extreme boredom, to paint the en suite that my sister and I share. Worst idea ever. I had no idea how much work was involved! Also, painting ceilings is a bitch. I have new-found respect for Michelangelo because I'm achey after painting one itty room. Once I escaped the desert-like climate inside the overalls, I had no desire to put too much effort into dressing or to wear anything too tight or restricting. 

I also remained ridiculously warm all day afterwards, ergo the fan as an accessory. I actually used it - not just for show. I left my hair to go crazy after my shower as I'm a big fan of beachy hair and also, the effort of doing anything after today. Raising my arms above my head is an issue...but aside from being a baby about it, I'm proud of my day's work, the room's looking good!

Bowie Tank-dress - Shop in Templebar - Leggings - Ax Paris - Necklace - Boutique in Italy - Espadrilles - Topshop - Earrings - Vintage