Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Being an onion.

Went to wear the crop I bought while shopping yesterday with Sarah D today but failed as it was unreasonably cold. Damn you, Irish weather! Didn't you get the memo? It's sum-mer! But fret not, dear reader, the crop-top is still there, just under many, many layers. 

Began with the crop (with a fluorescent-green lace bra from UO underneath as there's a cut-out in back and I figure if the bra's gonna be showing you might as well make it a statement) and a skirt but soon the skirt became skinny jeans and I was adding a sweater and then a flannel shirt. As a result, the outfit's a little ramshackle but I was only lounging about the house today. Don't worry about my having the stomach out, either, I'm merely illustrating my onion-ness! I would never have my belly-button visible in public, (probably not even on the beach) the skirt I was originally wearing was high-waisted!

Shirt - Urban Renewal for UO - Bra - UO - Skinnies - Pieces - Sweater - Petit Bateau - My Docs - Chain - DIY store

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