Monday, 11 June 2012

Valentino A/W 2012.

All the leather I have ever wanted is in this collection; a cape (a frickin' leather CAPE), a three-quarter length leather coat, a jumpsuit, a trench and the perfect skirt. Seriously, this leather is absolutely perfectly executed. These are investment pieces that will never date, never let you down and last a lifetime. I would buy literally every leather item here.

The dresses are wonderfully hippy-like and scream peace, love and easy glamour. They are mostly tunic shapes that skim over the body in a highly flattering and sextastic manner. There's a certain sense of demure and elegance, the lengths are usually full or just above the knee and cleavage and arms are largely covered. The female form is what is celebrated here, rather than flashed, and it is one's silhouette that lends the sex appeal to these dresses. The evening dresses are a little less demure but there is still little reliance on the exhibition of skin and more of a shift to the sexiness vampy reds and black lace.

The colour scheme is fairly restrained; black, white, red and some patterning. There is a simplicity about it all, more about the silhouette and detail than anything flashy. The collection is very timeless and romantic, I can imagine it looking fresh and enviable in any era. I love the play between minx and virgin. The full-on leather outfits juxtaposed with modest white dresses. It seems to speak of a heroine who is vampy and tough at times, soft and running through meadows of flowers at other times. Or, even, stunning in sparkly gowns on red carpets.

The entire look with the very pretty, girly, romantic hair and simple make-up is fresh and compliments, rather than distracts from, the timeless pieces of the collection:

Now for my favourite pieces: 


GAH! - So BtVS!

Amazing blouse!


So pretty!

Quite Lana del Rey...Pretty sure I saw her in an outfit just like this.


Victorian lace - come at me, brah!

Floral love.

More bows...dayyuuummm.


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