Saturday, 23 June 2012

A day of Mew-sic.

A day of drizzle. It's just awful. Be a grown-up, weather, and either rain or don't. None of this indecisive drizzle bullshit. You can't see it from the photos but I'm standing in the drizzle and just letting it happen. My hair is now double its normal size. 

A day of being maudlin, not because I really have anything to be sad about but more of a self-indulgence thing. This is partially inspired by my newest obsession, Will Oldham. I've been going through his back catalogue in a very unstructured way and that hint of country is brilliant for indulging in one's vagaries. Daniel had tried several times to introduce ol' Will and I before but we finally clicked in a meaningful way yesterday, rather than me just nodding and going "Mm-hmm, that's nice."

A day of writing, watching Joss Whedon musicals and eating really messy fajitas with a side of a leaning tower of salad. 

A day for flannel, as a big middle finger at the drizzle. The rest of the outfit was built around that. I wanted to stick to a limited colour palate and, after the super and super-nostalgic day I had yesterday, I wanted a nod to my teens; black and red with a hint of white and silver. The band tee is one of my faves and weird to wear as I don't really go near them anymore; most are pre band tees being cool and being made for girls in nice materials by high street shops, so they're long and shapeless and not that comfortable. It's a concert tee of one of my all-time favourite bands, Mew, which I bought when they played Dublin in 2009. Remains one of the best gigs of my life, partially because, for me, they're an iconic band that I hold up with the likes of the Ramones and Nirvana. They're not super-well known by the general public but are quite famous among musicians and really respected in the industry. Birdy covered a song of theirs recently and Bono (yuck, Bono, but whatever) has only nice things (near the end of the vid) to say about the guys. 

A day for a velvet skirt that I've had forever. No, really. It says "Age 9" on the label. And I still wear it on a regular basis, so take that, all the people who say I should throw out more clothes!

A day for an outfit that really says a lot about who I am, where I've been and where I'm going x

Shirt - UO - Tee - Concert tee - Skirt - Vintage - Runners - Office - Socks - Dunnes - Studded Cuff - H&M - Pearls - Topshop - Bangles - Stolen from my sister

PS You should really listen to Mew. Because of the tee, I've revisited them today and they're just SO GOOD, I really can't express just how amazing, unique and varied they are.

Some dancing happened here...

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