Friday, 30 May 2014

Little Gem: Crushing on Thérapie's Skincare Stock.

If you're one of my Irish readers (soz, everyone else) you'll probably have seen the ads for Thérapie on tv. If so, you'll probably associate the company with laser-hair removal. In fact, much more is going on in their little complex on Molesworth Street. There is a shop, clinic and hair salon all next to each other on the street. Never having spent much time on the street nor having gone inquiring about their hair removal services, I didn't know much about them until last week when I was making my way to the National Library. What first caught my eye was the Murad products I could spot through the window. I had an appointment to make so I continued past but made a mental note to return and check it out.

Last night, on my way home from the city centre, I decided to pop by as most shops stay open later on Thursdays. It just so happened that when I stumbled in they were having an Ultimate Body Event with 20% off all treatments and body products in store (check out their facebook page to keep an eye out for similar events in the future). They were also passing around champagne...I am a jammy fecker.

Not only that but when I asked if it was okay to take photos to do a focus on their products and services, I was promptly introduced to their PR person, Abigail, who was lovely and very kind to me. I don't know why I am constantly surprised by how sweet people are in these situations - perhaps I'm innately cynical - but I am always pleasantly surprised.

Top-notch waiting room reading material, non?

Teeth are important too!

For me, it's the skincare that excites me most. I don't know if I'm weird but luxury skincare makes me gah with delight way more than makeup! To see that they stocked Murad and Eve Lom got me a wee bit giddy. This was heightened when Abigail told me that Dr Murad himself had visited recently and they may have future events with him/the brand again. Other skincare brands that can be found in store are Royal Apothic and Image Skincare and one can get facials and other skincare treatments in the clinic from Murad, Eve  Lom, Image and Dermalogica with prices starting at €50.

The product I'll definitely be popping back in for, however, has to be the Murad Oil-Free Sunscreen Broad Spectrum in SPF 30. At the moment it's reduced to €12.95 so it's a major bargain! And sun protection might not seem like the most glamourous purchase but IT'S SO IMPORTANT. I tried this in store and it's so hydrating and smooth!

Annoyingly only realised this person's glass was in the way once I got home! But that's the sunscreen.

So, how about you guys? As passionate about skincare as me?

Thursday, 29 May 2014

9 Crow Street Festival Line.

Yes, it's a double-post day: The other thing I went to yesterday!  

9 Crow Street had a wee party to launch their new festival line and I really don't get over there enough so, it was a great reason to go! (Crossing the Liffey is so difficult...I kid, obviously.) But I seriously don't get a chance to pop in often and it's so damn pretty and well laid out and the stock is great and so reasonably priced...wait a minute, why don't I find the time to head over more often...?

I'm not massively into the standard "festival look" but their jewellery - especially the massive bracelets and wee nose rings - is the perfect thing for people with more restrained sense of style like myself to get that touch of boho and fantasy without going full Jenner. Their selection of belts, too, is stunning. Very Sea Of Shoes and just a touch of Americana to give an outfit a bit of a rustic vibe.

Dotted around the store were a variety of adorable hats which could also prove a chance to step outside your comfort zone this summer without completely leaping. I always think it's so bizarre that few people wear hats regularly anymore when they were such a staple in everyone's wardrobes in the past. But I have to admit that I do sometimes feel like a bit of a douche when I wear one. You kinda have to push past this weird modern stigma surrounding them. If you are looking to invest in a hat there are a great range of trilby and fedora style hats in muted colours as well as this stack of berets I spotted in the corner in sorbet shades. Maybe this summer will be so lovely that you'll actually need a hat this year - we can dream, can't we?

Good quality leather bags are also all over the shop so if you're in need of a little bag to lug around the essentials, you're in luck!

So, yeah, those are the sorts of things I'll be picking up for my festival jaunts this summer! How about you guys?

Remind anyone else of Renaissance birthing Just me then.

That sporty yellow and black swimsuit is just the thing I've been searching for...too bad I was trying to be good...

I absolutely love creepy, gothy little drawings like these - so cute!

OH MY GOD, I wanted this SO MUCH. The will power it took. If it's still in store on pay day...hrm...

The First Ever Dublin Institute of Design Fashion Show.

I was very kindly invited to the Dublin Institute of Design's first ever fashion show yesterday. The show was housed in the lovely and historic Smock Alley Theatre in Temple Bar and the amphitheater-style seating meant that no matter where you were sitting, you had a great view (although they'd given me a very snazzy spot next to the lovely Lorna of LC's Closet). Nineteen designers showed off their mini-collections of 4-5 pieces which subscribed to the theme of the evening, The Seven Deadly Sins. I think this theme lent a sense of fun and humour to the show with the odd childish giggle escaping from members of the audience during the lust inspired collections. But there was also an element of theatrics and drama that played well in the setting.

Dovile Joniskyte

Katharina Krause

Edita Liaugaudaite

After a two year diploma course, the designers showcased how far they had come and how much they had learned in a relatively short period of time. The whole show was very impressive but I did have my favourites! Some of my absolute favourite collections of the night were from Lauris Brimmers who created very strong modern looks restrained by monochrome palette and Shauna McSweeney who not only had The XX as her soundtrack (plus ten in my mind) but her styling was so on point and the clothes were wonderfully kooky - think a ladylike, floral Ashish.

Shauna McSweeney

Anne Marie Fagan and Charlotte Mooney both had wonderfully intricate collections that had just the right amount of kink going on. I was really digging Mooney's equestrian vibe and the use of sheers in Fagan's collection.

The styling of Jargal Batkhuu's collection was also very impressive while the collection as a whole was a wonderful mix of traditional and rock and roll elements and exceptionally competent and cohesive in execution.

Two of my absolute favourite pieces from the whole night came from Marian Witcher's collection; dat mesh top and pants combo is so wantable and the movement to the baby pink gown was just so gorgeous. I'll have one of each, please.

My overall favourite collection of the night has to be Mari Pold's. It was so unbelievably cohesive and professional with a real keen eye for detail. I appreciated the drama of the show styling but also how utterly wearable the pieces actually were. The limited palette of gold and white made it fresh and restrained while those lace visors added a touch of the theatrical. Give me that suit now.

Congrats to all the designers! It was a great show. And thanks to DID for having me!