Saturday, 2 June 2012

This skirt sees some action!

I previewed a skirt that Mammy gave me the other day and now it finally escapes the closet for some action! It's so chic and pared back, yet still a statement piece, that I just wore it with some minimalist sandals and a white tank. Accessories were the area for colour; stacked bracelets, mis-matching earrings and a statement ring! But I refrained from adding any necklaces, didn't want to upset the balance between minimalism and hippy/tribal accessories.

Sadly, I'm all dressed up with nowhere to per.

Skirt - Donation from the Garderobe de Maman - Tank - Dunnes - Sandals - Boutique in Spain - Earrings and Ring - Topshop - Bracelets - Various sources.

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