Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Tuesday Addams.

Gazing at my Emily the strange poster this morning, and realising that my love for black and my punk and goth roots hadn't had a chance to shine in a while, I used her and Wednesday Addams as style inspirations for the day but added a little bit of girly and a pop of colour through pink ankle socks and rosary beads. I really love this dress so it's strange that it's one of the few items in my wardrobe that I have no memory of buying. I like the sixties shape of the skirt but the more fitted overall shape and the poofy little sleeves. The level of detail is really beautiful. I wore leggings rather than tights in case I ended up climbing things but ended up changing my entire outfit later on in the day because it was surprisingly warm. Lovely sunny day for hanging out with lovely sunny Freya x

Dress - Lili - Leggings - Dunnes - Headband - Topshop - Socks - Topshop - Pearl bracelet - Topshop - Cuff - H&M - Clutch - Penney's - Rosary - Gift from Granny (from Lourdes, I think)

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