Monday, 30 September 2013

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Isabel Marant - We know what you can there anything you can't?

On my birthday, the images of the H&M collaboration with Isabel Marant that I'd been waiting so long for were released. Two days later the S/S show walked the runway. Hot damn! I want it all. Seriously. The collab gets you much of the staples of Isabel Marant brand whereas the show presents the next step.

Isabel Marant for H&M - My picks

The beautiful blazer in the show, however, is very similar to one in the collab, making current pieces more accessible to your average Jane.

The show is what you would expect: easy, boho, cool-girl chic. A mix of fabrics and girly frills with more tailored, perfectly on-point jackets. And though it's nothing unexpected, it's so what everyone wants that we're okay with that. Some designers shock and awe. Others consistently impress.

Can I order a slice of Parisian rock and roll cool?

Want, want, want.

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The Hedi scent of new hats.

So, here I am in double leather with a floppy, classic rock and roll hat. I'm majorly feeling the Hedi Slimane vibes.

Hat - H&M - Jacket - Boutique - Boots - New Look - Leather pants - Boutique - Tank - Topshop - Necklace - Hultquist

Saturday, 28 September 2013

All of the celebrations!

So, this week I turned 22 and my birthday marked mine and my boyfriend's six-year anniversary. I also never got around to celebrating a year of the blog back in May but now seems the time to tip my hat to that and the almost 50,000 page views I have accumulated so far. It may still be the minor leagues but I appreciate every view from every one of you. Major mwah. (Salute à la How I Met Your Mother)

Celebrations a-plenty as a result!

I also have two exciting interviews coming up in the future so watch this space for more!

Plus, the Isabel Marant/H&M collection being unveiled on my birthday? Cannot merely be coincidence! Excitement! I will post some squeeing on that tomorrow. For now, please accept some photos of my birthday week.

Skyping the boyf in London on the anniversary.
Birthday Cake #1 (2 and 3 weren't photographed)
Birthday swag.

Birthday dinner and drinks.
Shoes on the dancefloor
Bathroom selfie of outfit on the occasion.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Organisation is my jam.

Like, seriously. It's the best. I reorganised my make-up bag the other day and, despite how little it is used, I'm still proud of what a thing of beauty it is. Then I went to a friend's going away party so I actually wore proper make-up for once. When I got back I realised I was pretty pleased with the results and I was in a photo-taking mood. The following is the result.

I apologise for nothing.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Meadham Kirchhoff - it's all in the details

How gorgeous are the Meadham Kirchhoff close-up shots? I'm continuously a big fan especially of their attention-to-detail - an important factor if you're gonna do maximalism right. And, boy, do they! Have a peep, have a creep, have a drool.

Also, buttery yellow knee-high socks? Yes.

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Sunday, 22 September 2013

JW does something a little new.

So, the JW show is nothing like news at this point but I never got a chance to rave about it. I'll do that now, then, shall I?

Texture is a focus this time around and a-symmetry and origami-like folding remain ever-present features. The collection, however, seems more distinctly typically female with less forays into men's wardrobes yet the approach to sex appeal remains distinctly high fashion.

Most notable, for me, was the fact that despite it being a cohesive collection there was a divide between the typically JW pieces which would need some sort of restyling for daily use and immediately wearable, undeniably commercial pieces. His stamp is all over the clothes, one could not attribute them to anyone else but the gowns, in particular surprised me. To remain true to your brand and produce pieces that both surprise and's hugely impressive. See what I did there?

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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Outfit post - That rare and wily beast.

An outfit from the other day - quite cutesy but made up of classic, timeless pieces. It's a good example of the days I wear something very put together when all I'm doing is emailing and stuff at home. The boots and bag are some of my all-time favourites and are pretty stand-out pieces on their own. To avoid the look becoming overly busy, I maintained a largely neutral palette of browns, greys and cream. The blue of the dress is the only real colour. A Ralph Lauren piece that is a show-stopper on its own, it equally styles well when layered with other pieces. The material is shirt-like and so crisp and lovely. 

On a side-note, sorry I've been so crap about posting. I've been both busy and mopey - a deadly combination! Expect more in the coming days.

Dress - Ralph Lauren - Jumper - Vila - Belt - Zara - Beret - Penney's - Boots - New Look - Satchel - I can't find a label.