Saturday, 18 October 2014

Photo Post.

I think this may be my favourite photo post yet. I'm pretty proud of these images and how they look together. In the last few months I think I've just really found myself, my style, my aesthetic. It's like this veil has been lifted and I can see now. I'd describe it as moody with a sense of humour, looking for the lovely in the ordinary.

Ramblings of a lunatic? You decide.

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Thursday, 16 October 2014

|ALEXANDER WANG X H&M Shopping List|

So, if you didn't already know, the Alexander Wang x H&M collab is probably the highstreet/designer collaboration I've been most excited for ever. Being able to access the work of one of my favourite designers and work produced specifically for the collection rather than more cheaply produced dupes of archive pieces is amazing. 


Images of the individual pieces from the collection are now available so I was finally able to comprise my shopping list. To be honest, I probably won't purchase all of these but I'm certainly aiming for the grey sweater, shorts and long sleeve black tee.


Which pieces have caught your eye?

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Little Gem: De La Punc

Situated on the ever achingly-hip South William Street, De La Punc is a wee bit tucked away but an absolute treasure to be discovered. You kind of descend down off the high street into something a little more special, a little more unique.

The influence of co-owner, Gina's, passion for and interest in Japanese streetstyle and trends is visible with a really cool mixture of clothing and accessories available. Several genres of style are catered for with cute vintage-inspired dresses, pop-artesque jewellery and lines such as the wonderfully gothy Eyre.

Plus, it's always great to support both Irish design and independent stores.

If this seems interesting to you, check them out on facebook, their site and pop in if you get a chance - I highly recommend it!

Monday, 13 October 2014


...or the closest I'll ever get to that description.

I'm all about the boyfriend jeans for comfort and breathing room and just looking cool. Rips and fraying only improve the look. Yet, however much I love this pair found in a random boutique by a brand I never remember and have never heard of before, they sacrifice the comfort factor for the aesthetic appeal. Layers of stiff treated denim make them look the way they do. Which is cool as they have a more fitted look, more tailored (for lack of a better word). Not cool is trying to cycle in them. Especially cycling twelve and a half kilometres in them.

Still, despite the casual flannel, the tousled hair, the Cons and rips and tears...the jeans pull it all together and dress up casual looks despite their own casual nature. They're just such a talking piece that they elevate an outfit from merely being comfortable to making a statement. And I do love when an outfit will do the talking for me or a single piece will make me look like a together human being with a plan in mind while getting dressed...

Flannel - Urban Renewal, Top - Primark (similar here), Cons, Jeans (similar here)

You guys have any pieces that do the talking/work for you?

Friday, 10 October 2014

Undercover SS15

Fairy tales, fallen angels, Hieronymus Bosch, ballerinas, unexpected frills....Undercover kinda had it all in their SS15 show. It was almost like it was perfectly designed to make me squee and sigh...almost exactly like that...suspicious.

Established by designer Jun Takahashi in 2003 and described by the man himself as "cute but scary, beautiful but ugly", it's comprised by all the combinations, parallels, contrasts and contradictions that I personally love but that also enrich any outfit and give it depth. There's a romance to his clothes, and a darkness that speaks to the women who wear them, long for them. That reflect real women -complex combinations of traits, 3D characters. 

Also, I've got major hallowe'en costume inspo from the latest showing.

From big dresses with demure collars and cut-outs that don't reveal too much but ooze sexuality paired with dramatic eye makeup and black wings, to the sheers of wood nymphs, to uber-wearable outerwear and separates, to wearing art, to princess garb, to fantastical creatures and ending in a motorcycle gang of dark angels - there were a lot of different looks and themes present. Yet Takahashi's hand, and his girl, was obvious throughout. Cohesion was present through bookending of the angels, through the swells and falls of a show more like a story than most. The hairpieces, makeup and frills were further uniting strands. 

As undeniably wantable and gorgeous the individual looks and pieces were, however, it was the showmanship that impressed me most. A true show. That had me gasping, leaning forward in my seat, eager to see what came next. 

Hello, my newest and greatest brand crush. 

This time, it's true love.

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What do you guys think? As obsessed as moi?