Sunday, 20 July 2014

Pretty Owls Drink Tea.

Cute name, cute packaging, cute products - what more could you ask for?

Pretty Owls Drink Tea is an Irish clothing and jewellery label set up by two best friends, Liv and Phee. It's a fun brand with tie-dye, pretty pastels and cute graphics across tees, hats and more. Ponies, unicorns and mermaids serve as both decoration and inspiration and their site is full-on tumblr aesthetic with bubble fonts and flashing pink backgrounds.

I first came across the brand on a random visit to 9 Crow Street, where they're now stocked. On that visit I allowed myself to only purchase a pair of tie-dye socks that I thought might liven up the black and grey tones that dominate my wardrobe. But I shall return in the future. I'm especially intrigued by the porcelain unicorn necklace I spotted in store...You can also shop PODT online and they ship worldwide!

Image of ELEMENTAL TEE - white

Image of LOVE/HATE


Image of SAVE OUR MERMAIDS midi tee

Image of SUMMER MIX dyed tee

Image of Tattoo'd Pony Tee

Image of 'All-seeing eye' midi tee
This could totes be my signature tee.

Well, that's all for nows. Make sure to check PODT out in store, online and at their facebook and instagram accounts and their blog - you shall not be disappointed. Pinky promise.

Friday, 18 July 2014

Wide-Eyed and Blind Playist XIX

I think it's about time for another playlist, don't you?

I'm aware this one was random but...that's my taste in music, isn't it? Merry weekend all x

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Wedding Outfit

Over the weekend, my cousin married her long-time boyfriend and my family and I attended. The setting in Rathsallagh was picturesque and charming, the food was great, there was plenty of craic and I got to catch up with relatives I hadn't seen in ages!

The only outfit photos from the day come from late that night and the chaos of the lights hints at a certain amount the time. Not your typical wedding attire, I went for something less obvious that I would be comfortable in. I knew teetering in heels and worrying about flashing people in a skirt were too much for someone as uncoordinated as I, so I played on my love of androgyny and simplicity instead. The palette is limited to black and white and, for anything bar a wedding I would have gone all white instead. But I do bow to some social convention and didn't want to upset anyone or create any drama (no matter how minor) by wearing white. So, instead of donning my white blazer, I threw this black Lennon Courtney coat over a sheer Topshop cami and a pair of white brocade D.E.C.K. by Decollage pants. The Deena and Ozzy boots from Urban Outfitters stressed me out a tad as I thought they were too non-weddingy. But the heel is height-giving and walkable! How could I say no? And it turned out that it all came together as urban, modern, clean and androgynous with just enough and just a touch of bite. Minimalist silver COS earrings were my only jewellery and a vintage wicker bag completed the look, nodding to the season. Hair and makeup was kept easy, natural and fuss free.

The bride, I should mention, looked radiant in a simple figure-skimming Sharon Hoey gown with detachable sheer sleeves and a low back. Her hair was set in soft waves and tumbled over shoulder. Congrats, Niamh and Paul - may your lives together be long and full of every joy.

Preparations, libations and failed nail transformations from the night before

Car selfie.

Actual nails - only colour in le outfit.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Evelyn the Arty Weaver - Weaving the hats of my dreams.

I love me a good hat. And, if you've been reading lately, you'll know I've come over all patriotic when it comes to clothes. I have this idea of a romantic, neo-Irish style implementing sturdy traditional materials and construction with modern styling.

Over the weekend, I came across a craftsperson producing pieces to provide for all these tastes. Situated on the grounds of Russborough House in a studio which attracts with rag time tunes floating out the windows, Evelyn the Arty Weaver makes and shows her wares. I had been inside the main house for an uncle's birthday lunch when my Mam and I spotted some of Evelyn's hats on display. We posed for a photo with myself, mother and father bedecked in the hats while my brother placed a cooking pan on his head. Everyone laughed and we thought nothing more of the hats until I went for a stroll after eating.

When I stumbled into the studio, I ended up chatting for a very long time to the lovely, enviously pink-haired and immensely interesting Evelyn. She pointed out the unique "pepper and salt" pattern of Irish tweeds, we discussed the historic roots of fabrics and trades in Ireland, she showed me her production set-up and then she told me how she got from painting to weaving. It all started with a single image in a book, Weaving as an Art Form, which showed how much could be done with the craft, how it could be used to draw.

It's funny how such a thing can change your whole life path....

The hats are gorgeous. Traditional fabrics in twenties shapes with contemporary twists. Inspired by the Mitford girls who lived in the house in the twenties, there are six basic shapes in a range of colours and patterns. 

My particular fave.

I oohed and aahed and chatted before returning later with my mother who did the same and bought a crocheted headband which was beyond adorable. We're planning a return visit for my birthday or Christmas when we'll commit to an actual hat. If you're interested, check out the Russborough studio or Evelyn's facebook page. Pieces can be bought online and her new site will be up soon!

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Wide-Eyed and Blind Summer 2014 Lookbook - Summer Whites.

Hey! So, I'm pretty excited for this - my first lookbook! Summer to me is all about being light and airy and what with my tendency to never trust myself with the responsibility of wearing white and Wimbledon everywhere...well, I decided to go with three all-white (almost) looks. It's a pretty striking thing to wear, ensuring you stand out from the crowd and makes you look much more polished. Plus, it shows off any summer glow you might have going on.

I styled three different girls or three different facets of my style depending on how rigid you are to one look or not. One is uber-girly and cute, one is boyish and one has a little more bite to it - tipping my hat to my punk roots and all! Not all of the clothes are still available in stores but I'll note where things are recent purchases.

Enough babbling already! I hope you like my first lookbook.

(Italics indicate recently  purchase items.)

Dress - Charlise, Sliders - Heavenly Feet, Headband - Present from my sister, bought in Spain.

Cardigan - Primark, Tank - Illustrated People, Topshop, Trousers - Deck by Decollage, Shoes - Topshop, Headband - Tiger, Sunglasses, River Island.

Shirt - Pimark, Jeans - Paul Smith, Sunglasses - Topshop, Shoes - Next.

Which look is your favourite?