Thursday, 30 October 2014

Ultimate Hallowe'en Playlist

For getting ready, getting ghoulish and amping yourself up before the big night (or doing an awkward 80s shoegazey sway to)....can you guess I'm excited for hallowe'en?

Monday, 27 October 2014

Modern Witch

Last night I went to a ghost tour at Shankill Castle (which was unbelievably good fun) and dressed as a witch. 

You read that right. 

Now, as I wasn't sure if anyone else was feeling the holiday as much as I and dressing up, (in fact, I was kind of certain they weren't) I chose to go as a modern witch. Witchy but not costumey. Passable for my everyday wardrobe but embracing hallowe'en. Think AHS Coven. Witch-glamour (both the spell kind of glamour and the regular sort).

I've always been kind of obsessed with witches. I loved novels about them, shows like Sabrina, The Worst Witch, Charmed, and movies like The Craft, Hallowe'entown, Hocus Pocus etc. etc. I was also known to read history books on witch trials as a little girl and did my Leaving Cert history project on the Pendle Witch Trials. I even briefly considered converting to a branch of Wicca as a teen. And I think I still long to be a witch.

So, obviously if I needed a non-costumey costume, it was the way forward.

And I kinda love how the whole thing turned out below.

Flower crown (because I'm a Supreme and all must bow down) - Primark, Coat - Vintage, Jumper - Primark, Brogues - Primark, Leather leggings - Vintage, Rosary - A gift from Granny/leftover from punk/goth teen years/one of my faves.

Whatcha think? Passable as an AHS Coven-style chic-witch?

Sunday, 26 October 2014


My hair is pretty important to me. It sounds silly but it kind of represents being an adult and making my own decisions in life because, as a child, my hair was kept shorter for practicality. It's also never been thick enough to grow out before. 

And now it's the longest it's ever been. That I could get it to this length and keep it healthy is due to Viviscal. I've been using the serum for almost six months and I've taken the supplements and added a little of the shampoo and conditioner in with my regular shampoo and conditioner for three.

The difference in my hair is obvious. It's still somewhat fine but it's thicker, stronger and healthier. Hairdressers compliment its health and comment on it being lovely - this is a unique experience for me, let me tell you. Growing up, hairdressers quietly cut my hair without comment and marvelled at length about how thick and luxurious my sister's was. 

I've previously posted on now having the hair I always wanted and the various ways I maintain it and products I use but this post is exclusively about the use of Viviscal. Other than argan oil, it's the only thing I use regularly to keep my hair healthy. So, I can attribute most of the good condition of my hair to it.

The serum and shampoo and conditioner were fine to use, just became part of my regular routines. But the supplements were less fun. Again, it wasn't a big deal but they had an unpleasant taste to them. I'm also bad at remembering to take pills but the other products could just be left out in the shower or with my skincare so they wouldn't be forgotten. Small complaints for an overall fantastic result.

I can also report that I haven't noticed excess growth of body hair which some reviewers have written about as a side-effect of using Viviscal. This is especially apparent to me, as I even tried to apply the serum to my brows to encourage growth in my patchy areas (charming)...but no such luck.

The serum costs €29.95 and is available online and in pharmacies around the country and the starter kit with serum, supplements and shampoo and conditioner for one month costs €89.80 and is currently on offer on their site for €59.95. The tubes of serum are said to last one month but I've found last much longer. This is probably different from person to person. 

My final statement on the matter? Viviscal has worked for me and, hey, might work for you too.


Friday, 24 October 2014

French Cosmetics Christmas Event

So, last night I managed to catch the end of the French Cosmetics Christmas event in which they launched/previewed the gift sets that will be available this year. Have to say, coming out of the cold and tired from work to a room with fairy lights, sweeties, cocktails and a bit of Bublé was...needed.

And the products themselves! Hallowe'en hasn't even passed but Christmas is starting to steal its thunder already for me! I'm so excited. There was such lovely stuff and I can't wait to put them into my gift guides this year.

French Cosmetics is a distributor established in 1996 that represent brands such as Jessica Nails, Steamcream, Billion Dollar Brows and Bronz Express. And they've really outdone themselves for the festive season this year. There's really something for everyone and across a wide range of budgets - which is awesome.

Keep an eye out for more info on individual pieces in the future...and remember, it's only 61 days until Christmas!

Feeling a wee bit jollier already? I know I am.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Lusty Beg Island

Located outside Kesh, Co Fermanagh on an island measuring 75 acres is Lusty Beg Island. It's a hugely popular wedding venue, hotel and spa, set in the scenic surrounds of Lough Erne.

I got invited to come review the spa and hotel this past weekend so here's my pictures and thoughts.

I ended up bringing almost the whole family along with me in the end. Originally, my mam was going to just come as my guest but (SPOILER: and this is my only real complaint about the whole place and experience) it's extremely difficult to get to without a car. As I don't drive and Mammy won't drive that far/can't navigate at all, Daddy had to play chauffeur and they ended up getting another room and throwing my little bro in with me. 

But actually, it was pretty nice to all go away together. And the craic was mighty in the car on the way up. For example, the conversation in which we all explained to Mam that she couldn't spend euros in Northern Ireland was pretty hilarious.

When we finally got to the island, we were surprised that there's no bridge - you have to take a little ferry across! The gorgeousness of the surroundings was immediately apparent and the staff at reception were exceptionally kind and helpful.

Upon checking in, we went to have a gawk at the cabins we were staying in, two down from each other. Facing out onto the lake, the cabins are uber-quaint on the outside and modern and sleek on the inside while remaining warm and a little rustic. That the toiletries were by VOYA was a lovely, and welcome, touch. Also surprising and welcome was that I'd been given the cabin with a hot tub. 

Next, I hit up the spa for a massage (my life is so tough) and then a swim. Maria, my masseuse, was unbelievably lovely and everything smelled of VOYA products...pretty much the whole island, to be honest. Mam had a facial the next morning and we both had only glowing things to say about the experience and skin.

It's also good to bear in mind that they often have great deals at the spa. For example, at the moment you can get a half hour massage and express facial for £50 and there's also 15% off VOYA products.

And then there was the food. Oh, the food. Dad and I had heard it was good when we went for a swim but dinner was an absolute winner. I had slow-cooked pork to start, shank of lamb and champ and the pear and almond tart accompanied by a lovely Australian Pinot. Breakfast was a bucket of strawberries, perfectly toasted toast and marmalade, tea and fresh juice.

The whole experience was so lovely and I was so impressed by both the staff and services. And I lied earlier, I have one more complaint: I wish I could have stayed forever. 

There are a whole host of outdoor activities available on the island and I would have loved to have gone for another swim, more treatments, more of a wander around the island...Really, if you're going, bring a good book, good company and stay for a few days. It's the perfect place to get away from everything and just breathe for a while.

To close, have some more photos of the decor and scenery.

I'd like to thank Lusty Beg for having me and my family and for being so great. We had an amazing time.

If you're intrigued by what you've seen here, check out their site.