Saturday, 9 June 2012

Being a butterfly.

Began with a sweet, nerdy outfit, perfectly comfy and airy for a day of styling and fashion geeking...

Shirt - Vintage - Tank - Sonia Rykiel pour H&M - Trousers - Penney's - Shoes - Topshop

Then I became a model for the day (so not a good idea - eye make-up makes me wig out completely, I'm not very tall and trying to pose when anyone else is around makes me giggle insanely) and was wrapped in a cocoon of lace. When I emerged I'd transformed the geek-chic into something a bit harder and with more attitude. Totally a Sandy from "Grease" moment (only cooler, I hope).

Leather-look leggings - Dunnes - Biker boots - Vintage - Earrings - A gift from Mam, have no idea where she got 'em!

Also retained the bling!

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