Thursday, 30 May 2013

Into the West

I spent the weekend in the West of Ireland with 12 of my closest friends. The scenery was just beautiful and it was pretty intense to be all together for what may be one of the last times ever. Damn end of college. 

Exams are over and now I just have to figure out what to do with my life. No big. 

But, hey, at least I can be comforted by the fact that I have some damn good taste in friends. Too bad The Beatles were exaggerating somewhat when they told us that all we needed was love.








Friday, 17 May 2013

Mood board.

So, I've been listening to a lot of K-pop at the moment. Specifically KARA and their Solo album. So, so catchy. It's hard to keep motivated when I've just one exam left and everyone else is done...But if this don't get you pumped, you have no soul...Looking at these videos so much has really immersed me in Asian fashion again. Korean music and Japanese anime, manga and food are some of my major loves. And I'm so into the super-cute, super-girly thing. It's, like, I'm not particularly girly but it totally works if it's so pulled together and such a complete look. So, here's some tracks and a moodboard. Get your K-pop on!

Thursday, 16 May 2013

JW Versus the World.

God, I'm funny. But seriously, the wunderkind has done it again. This is the future. I mean, making minimalism maximalist? Making it new? That takes skill. And I'll always have major love for men and women playing in each others' wardrobes. Somehow, JW managed to be both JW and Versus, albeit a new Versus. There were serious echoes of his own collection - the straps and colours - but imbued with the attitude and sex-appeal of Versus. And lace totally needs to be a thing for men. Solid first outing, I'd have to say!

Here are some of my favourite pieces! 

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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Chanel Makeup

So, I never wear very much makeup - never have - and have limited skills when it comes to makeup. All the same I decided to give the recent look from Chanel's cruise show a go. It was actually pretty easy. I altered it somewhat, flicking the eye more and giving it a cattier look, but stuck pretty much to the overall look. It's largely about the eyes and skin.

1. Use a tinted moisturiser or light foundation and then a dusting of powder. The skin needs to be luminous and bright. I used a white eyeshadow in with my powder to get the glowy effect but many other products could achieve the same result. Don't forget to sweep the powder over your lids to set the eye makeup later.

2. Unless you've got Cara-brows, they'll probably need filling out and some grooming. Use a brown eyeshadow to fill in the brow and give it an even appearance and an eyebrow brush to groom to perfection. I don't have all the necessary implements myself but improvising is pretty simple.

3. Drag a black eyeshadow along the upper lid, like a liner, and follow the path your liner is going to take. Fill in the right shape with kohl.

4. Do the lower lid with a bright blue pencil (I got mine in Topshop for a euro in a sale - plus, it's glittery) and don't be afraid to apply thicker than you normally would. You can be quite painterly and free with the pencil here. Bring the liner out to meet the black wing.

5. Don't blend - this look is all about the graphic effect.

And there's you have it! I feel like a big impostor posting this, the idea of anyone taking advice from me is pretty laughable but maybe someone (a child, most likely) will find this helpful!

PS Sorry about the quality of the images. Old Finepix is a little tired at the moment.





Thursday, 9 May 2013

They coulda done Met-er.

I apologise for the pun. And I don't intend to insult anyone here but, as many others have noted, did anyone look up the word punk? I mean, what's the point in having a theme if no one bothers to stick to it? If people wore super-girly dresses as protest against our tired conception of punk that would be one thing. That would be a statement. But what people really did was wear whatever they'd normally wear on the red carpet. They tried to look cute or pretty or sexy. Few stepped outside their comfort zone. Two categories existed: 1. Ignoring the theme and wearing what they wanted sans the punk attitude of "screw you, the Man don't tell me what to do" and 2. The costume. 

So here are the categories and outfits (note "outfit", not necessarily "dress") that I would have chosen ahead of those which were worn at this year's Met Ball.:

1. The Punk Spirit.
Whether this is manifested in an uber punk, what-would-a-punk-Queen-Elizabeth-I-wear-?, or Rodarte modern punk spirit, there were many more options out there that were punk in spirit and at heart. Both Rodarte and Givenchy examples other than those I have chosen were worn and I commend those, esp the look Carine Roitfeld rocked, but there were many more amazing pieces on offer from the houses. And if someone doesn't get it? That means you're doing it right.

2. The "this whole collection should have been looted":
Seriously, how did this over-sight happen? Kristian Aadnevik's was the perfect collection for a punk edge.

3. The "if you're going to insist on confusing punk and goth":
Two different genres and subcultures, everyone. Sure, there's cross-fertilisation but they're not the same!

4. The "androgyny is sexy" plus "I don't have to wear a dress, it's the 21st century, fuck you" attitude:
Because conformity isn't punk and the "Oh my God, she's wearing a suit/approximation of a suit" thing may be nothing new but doing things in a less obvious way is very punk. Besides, these are hardly tuxes...

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So, what do y'all think? A little uninspired this year? They could have tried a bit harder? Or am I completely wrong? x

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Angel Olsen - Perfect hair, makeup and music.

I went to see Angel Olsen play the other day and was astounded by how much better she is live. Recordings just don't do her voice or presence justice. Aside from her amazing performance, can I talk about the perfect bangs/fringe + flawless skin + cateye combo? Well...actually I have little to say aside from that: perfection. 

Enjoy my photos and these tracks.




Wednesday, 1 May 2013

My favourite pieces of jewellery.

So, I never wear a lot of jewellery but I'm mad about cute earrings and statement rings and necklaces. Here are some of the pieces in circulation at the moment. How rad are the cherub earrings? Topshop makes the best costume jewellery earrings around.