Sunday, 1 July 2012

Kimono you didn't!

My binge on Saiunkoku Monogatari continues and as the anime is set in a faux historic Japan, I'm really feeling Japanese traditions and practices right now. I've been trying my hand at haiku, reading up on tea ceremony and finally cracked out my kimono-style jacket. It's one of the most beautiful things I own and is both made of real silk and from Topshop - it is not one of the hideous excuses for a kimono that Penney's were trying to pass off as...well, passable (sorry, guys, there are just some things that cannot be faked). Despite being a thing of great beauty I have rarely worn it outside the house. I was worried that it looked too much like a robe. But it's too wonderful to be restricted to nightwear so I said, "Screw it," and wore it today. What do I care what people think? I know it's a jacket and not a robe and that's all that matters. It was super-cold today, one of the coldest days in a while and drizzling and miserable as heck so I imagine that the kimono seems like a strange choice but silk is surprisingly warm. I was super-cosy in it and the softness of the silk and the grey Topshop muscle-tee I wore was a nice splash of luxury. I added the white shoes that I dub my "Cuban Pimp" shoes as they reflect the elegance, simplicity and slip-on style of traditional Japanese footwear without being costumey. The whole outfit (the muscle-tee, skinny Pieces jeans, Parisian shoes, silk kimono-jacket and single accessory of a Cleopatra-style necklace) plus my just-washed tumbling hair added up to create a more polished look than I usually go for, it was luxurious, simple and a little bit grown-up; perfect for a really nice dinner out with the family. 

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