Thursday, 26 July 2012

I awoke to another surprisingly beautiful day in Dublin and had not packed for such weather. I ditched my tights but this vintage black shift dress and my new silky bomber (à la "Drive") were unbearably warm as the boyf and I wandered around the city. Thankfully we headed back to his family home where good food and lovelier treatment awaited. I'm not really a guest anymore after five years but everyone's still uber-nice to me. And they feed me so well! Kind of a trend in my life - I befriend good cooks and people who like to make me tea. Pear and Apple Tart AND Plum and Apple Crumble in one day...Dear God, I just realised how much I talk about food in this blog nowadays...he's made me as obsessed with food as he is!

Anyhoo, spent a lovely day on their lovely patio (made beautiful by his mother but, as an organic farmer, it only makes sense that she has a green thumb) surrounded by family, friends, a slew of animals, flowers and fantastic food. Sometimes you just sit back and realise how lucky you are in life.

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