Friday, 6 July 2012

Vogue Victory and Velvet Layers.

Nineties layering was necessary for the humid but really drizzly day we were served. Daniel and I spent the day walking around Dublin in said drizzle, in out of shops and restaurants, so I needed to be able to ditch the vintage jumper when it got too warm or pull it on when the elements began to attack. The velvet Zara tee got tossed aside later on, when it became unbearably warm, leaving me just in this khaki dress. I finally managed to track down a Vogue for this month, they seem to be sold out everywhere - probably because it's only three euro. My trusty laptop escorted me in the car so I could watch anime when I was a zombie this morning and unable for human interaction, encased in its Marc by Marc Jacobs case that is wonderfully padded and has averted many a disaster when my butter fingers have come out to play. Despite the weather (and the early morning - ugh) it was a great day; Vogue victory, AMAZING lunch (as always) in the Silk Road Cafe and getting to spend time with my favourite person in the world.

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