Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Urban Princess.

Re-read Ella Enchanted yesterday afternoon and I continue to argue with my brother over who would inherit a title if our family still had one - me, the first-born or he, the first-born male. Obviously it would be me as times have moved on. Maybe I should threaten to tell all future girlfriends that he's a chauvinist...Anyhoo, accordingly, I'm a tad fairytale and monarchy obsessed at the moment. Ergo a very modern, urban look with soft, pretty hair and makeup, a crown-like headpiece and the title of this post! 

A jersey shift, which can be very unforgiving, was covered by the most amazing cream blazer ever which I found in a vintage store for a fiver. A clingy dress with a tailored, large blazer for that juxtaposition of traditionally gendered modes of dress that I find so intriguing and which attracted me to Alexander Wang's Pre-Fall 2012 collection, as I said in another post. A limited palate - another current obsession of mine and reason Wang's collection is so PERFECT - black, cream and berry shade of purple in the Dunnes tights. A selection of beautiful costume jewellery - Rodrigo Otazu earrings and Penney's faux pearls. Comfort and style. 

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