Sunday, 22 July 2012

Outnet's Five Best Pairs of Shoes for Under Two Hundred euro.

1. Miu Miu sandals for €117.

2. Marni sandals for €118.22. 

3. Jil Sander brogues for €154.67. 

4. Pour La Victoire sandals for €127.91.

5. Halston Heritage wedges for €102.

Buy them all! I know I would...damn not having any money...But seriously, there's a nice mix of colour, print, style and level of practicality here, as well as labels. The Miu Miu's or Jil Sander's are shoes you could wear all day long so they're good investments. The Marni pair are such a steal! So much detail for a reasonable enough amount of money. And the Pour La Victoire and Halston Heritage shoes are great little party shoes that will go with so many things in anyone's wardrobe.

Invest where I cannot, my friends.

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