Tuesday, 3 July 2012

We are family.

Damn, am I pooped. Mornings have never been my friend and bad sleeping habits, and the fact that I've been finding it especially difficult to sleep recently, meant that getting up this morning was horrendous. The stormy skies overhead seemed a portend of pathetic fallacy but, as it turns out, a great day was had by all. My siblings, Mammy and I were scouting out suits and dresses, shoes etc for their debs. Awww, they're growing up so fast! We, as a clan, however, are notorious shoppers. Seriously, if there was one, we'd be on the Olympic team. 

I'm exhausted from the trekking! But, plus side to going with the fam is that there is no skimping on fine food, snacks, tea or taxis when I would have normally trudged through the rain. Got some awesome shorts in the Topshop sale (despite my ban on buying anything for myself) and had many a bant with the sibs. James and I like to try on hats together and below is one of the more fetching creations that he gave a whirl. We also made quite a stir on the Luas as we were all tired and slightly hysterical at that point - gotta love when you make Mammy snort with laughter. 

Practicality was word of the day as there was much walking and lots of rain but it was quite warm; ergo, layers, light knits and runners. I love this tee from Urban Outfitters despite a co-worker of my dad's saying, "It seems something has attacked you!" How droll. As the basis for the outfit it set up a palate of neutral tones - olives, browns, beige, denim and black - and gave me inspiration for a more urban twist on knits.  

Being a stylish little brother and making me proud!

Shorts worth breaking promises to myself for!

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