Monday, 9 July 2012

Starry day, starry night.

Not going to go on for too long about today's outfit: The pyjama-style pants were out again and I wore them with other pieces that were largely blue once more, but this time they were blue denim rather than navy blue. I liked the idea of this jacket over the denim shirt as they were such close shades and reminded me of when men wear suits all in one colour - shirt and tie included. The pieces themselves are quite androgynous but shirts and my bustline never agree which led to a rather...feminine result. I paired some Kurt Geiger suede pumps in black with the navy pants because that old rule is such bull. I like to be a wee bit of a rebel. Besides if Karl Lagerfeld says it's cool to put the colours together, well then who are we mere mortals to disagree? 

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