Monday, 16 July 2012

Being Cool.

Spent the day hanging with one of my oldest and most stylish of friends, Bev. For a day of chilling, Inbetweeners binging, avoiding my Granny's random grumpiness and assing around the house, I needed comfort and slouchy mixed with a touch of fashion. This River Island shirt was purposefully bought over-size so I could wear it as a dress if I so wished but is worn here with Alexander Wang-esque shorts from Topshop underneath for my modesty's sake. Have to give the shirt and the Office runners props for making my legs look so uber-long here! My hair was not behaving so I added this hairband from Topshop to tame it. Not a huge hairband fan (there's something a little childish about them) but I really like this one and the studs complimented the sporty-grunge feel of the outfit. And the sunglasses? What did they bring to the table? (Geddit?) They were just because I'm cool.

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