Friday, 13 July 2012

Friday the Thirteenth....

...and no real disaster befell me. Quite a nice day, in fact. Sure, I had to get up before ten in the morning (I know, I'm a lazy, terrible person) but it kinda went uphill from there. Shopped in Dublin and tramped all over the city with Mammy and my sister, had lunch out, got free money from Mammy, had cake and tea, bought more cake, helped Dad move and build furniture, had tea and cake again, scored one of Dad's old Aran jumpers, po-goed, go-carted, punned and hung out with my bro. To do all this in warmish, showery weather I went for my uber-reliable and practical Docs, a loose t-shirt dress in cream (which was lovely and airy when I got too warm), my trusty vintage cream blazer and thick-knit tights for warmth and rain protection - simplistic, functional, easy and chic and with a touch of Alexander Wang-esque sportiness. 

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