Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Sea Tam (geddit?)

Spent the day with anime and hanging with Belle in the garden. It was a largely quiet and lazy day. The outfit du jour is part River Tam, part beach bum. I love this dress. It's entirely sheer but putting a slip under it ruins the aesthetic so I threw it on over tiny shorts (which are so close to knickers, I'd be ashamed to wear them without something on top), a crop top and tights. The loose H&M jumper added another layer of modesty on top of the dress and, with the vintage biker boots, gave it that romantic twist on grunge that I love and a certain beloved Joss Whedon character was wont to don. The beach bum aspect of the outfit comes from the sea salt spray I doused my hair in to give it that sun-dried look and the tanning moisturiser I blended in with my sun tan lotion this morning to get a kind of glowing, healthy look as seen at Rodarte A/W 2012 - sun safe and sun kissed! I'm really longing some sun and sea right now, so this probably a reflection of that. It's nice to be home but being in Italy last summer sure was a treat in comparison to the rain-soaked misery that is Ireland right now. The mammy is on the case, searching for holidays, so maybe there'll be some of that sea I'm missing and a change of scenery in my life sometime soon.  

Beachy, Summery hair!

Hangin' with Belle.

Proud Belle.
Fat Mess Belle.

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