Monday, 2 July 2012

Look at the pretty colours!

Though it's a bit late for Dublin Pride, my inspiration today was the rainbow. Just a bit of a flirt with bold colours and simple clothes as I was completely unable to sleep last night and complicated was not on the cards for today. Around four, when the sun began to rise and the birds began to not shut the hell up, I pulled all of the bedding off my bed to add another layer of protection from the light streaming in and then lay curled up in a ball on my naked bed. Therefore, I'm a tired gal and this will be a post even more dominated by the visual aspect than normal. Ignore the lack of coherence or wit and look at the pretty colours!

Shoes - Irregular Choice - Super-skinny jeans - Penney's - Top - Vintage - Necklace - Boutique in Italy - Throw/Wrap thingy - UO

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