Wednesday, 25 July 2012

My fair city.

I was up in Dublin today for a Bon Voyage thang for my friend. He's headed off to Japan for the next couple of years - utterly jealous and horrified that he's leaving us at the same time. The whole day was just so pleasant. There's no other word for it. I helped my little bro and a pal of his to buy suits - his first - and embarrassed him with my squeeing over how adorable he was! Then we went for burritos - the food of the moment in Dublin, it seems - and after I said goodbye to the lads and had a cinnamon bun in the Soundbites restaurant in Tower Records with my friend Inez. These are literally the best cinnamon buns in the world. I dare someone to find better. After that I wandered the city for a few hours on my own and the weather and light was just gorgeous. Ergo the photos. I always feel weird taking photos in Dublin because I live there most of the year and it feels bizarre to play the tourist but it was just too beautiful to ignore today! I've been trying to stick to purely fashion content in this blog but sometimes other things (such as good food) creep in. However, like music, film, literature and art, I feel that architecture and places really influence how you dress. So I guess these photos are, in some way, fashion related. 

In Temple Bar I got stopped for a streetstyle appearance at so keep your eyes peeled for that! Check the blog out, in general, too! Love Irish fashion blogs. This inspired me to stop being such a coward and I got my own first streetstyle shots - three in a row, in fact. Gotta love Temple Bar; it's such a mish-mash of everything and it's so where Dublin streetstyle is at!

Below is the first girl who allowed me to take her photo even though she didn't feel she looked the best but I couldn't have disagreed more! If this is a bad day, then what are her good days like?! I'm loving the bright pop of orange, the super-sized collar and the quilted Miu Miu bag - who doesn't love a Miu Miu bag? I also owe her thanks for supplying me with the word for "hyphen". It's so embarrassing when I forget simple words...

I'm going to ration the rest of the streetstyle looks because I've been on the look-out on several occasions and found nothing at all so I don't want to blow all my amazing finds in one go. The others will be up over the next few days.

The party for Conor occurred once I met up with my boyfriend and we headed on to the pub. It was a really nice affair, casual and fun without any drama or tears (despite how much we'll all miss him) and I happened to bump into my friend, Noel, looking office-fabulous in a shirt so lovely I couldn't believe it was from Penney's. Apparently it's the place to go for young, affordable workwear!

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