Monday, 16 June 2014

DKNY not? LCM SS15

There's something a little Korean boyband or Japanese streetstyle about this outing from DKNY. The looks are polished and ultimately very cool but the boat is not being pushed too far from the harbour, comfort zones remain largely unchallenged.

I often see men's collections are more like art, less practical and restrained by the buyer but the intention is, of course, to sell as much as to intrigue. And I think that this collection will do just that, sell. There's an ease and stylish nonchalance to it all that many hunger for, men especially. Hell, I'd gladly accept most of it into my own wardrobe.

It's interesting to note the sport and nineties influences favoured in recent seasons by the house are still present but in elements of styling or adopted less literally. The whole thing is an accomplished balance of innovation and elegance.

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