Saturday, 14 June 2014

Oldschool Colette.

It's funny wearing clothes again that were once near surgically attached to you. This Clash tee is one from my proper punk days. It was originally black but has been worn and reworn, washed and rewashed to a grey. It's also a babydoll fit which I've never been a fan of but back in my day, girls had two choices in band tees: to be swamped in a guy's or to feel like you shrank your shirt in a girl's. Now that Primark and Topshop and every highstreet store have jumped on the band wagon (SEE WHAT I DID THERE?), this generation of young whipper-snappers doesn't have to face this horror. But, I digress, we're here to talk OOTD.

I think it's interesting to see how time changes us. I'm still that punk at heart, though perhaps less judgey and naive. And hopefully somewhat wiser. The Clash changed who I was - no joke. But so did time. And now I wear that tee again and cannot help but notice how differently I'm doing things. 16-year-old me would have worn this with tight pants or a teeny skirt, too many accessories and Docs or Cons (what other shoes exist, right?). It would have been very literal and without any nuance or subtlety. Everyone needed to see how punk I truly was.

Now, I wear River Island leggings and this sweater-vest for comfort. I'm slightly more covered but it allows for ease and movement. The Primark brogues are a less obvious choice and are chunky enough not to look out of place with the rest but to be more interesting and dress it up a little. The waist-belt gives some shape and definition but allows me the breathing-room my too-tight everything of my teen years never did. The sweater-vest is by Cheap Monday and it adds a sense of playfulness and cool - it's a little more punk than your standard one but a sweater-vest none the less. I've also done a Chanel and paired back the accessories bar an Aldo men's knuckleduster and my standard Topshop sunglasses.

We all grow up and sometimes it's scary, bizarre, tumultuous. But when we see the ways we've matured for the better, it makes the rest seem more bearable. I like that I look more put-together but less try-hard and that it all seems more interesting and multi-faceted.

How are you guys different to the teenage you? Style and otherwise?

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