Friday, 13 June 2014

JW Resort 2015

Poetry in clothes is kinda what JW Anderson does. His garments are always captivatingly lovely and interesting. They speak volumes about gender dynamics and our world while managing to still look good. They avoid being trite and come across as his genuine understanding and perspective of the world.

The Resort 2015 collection deconstructs and reforms shirts, trousers and coats. Classic pieces and tailoring are given new life. We're used to seeing these clothes but not in this way. They've been reborn for a new generation of girls. But they're also chic enough to include any other generations that might take a fancy to them.

Anderson's girl is cool. When she walks into the room, people look, and not because she's obvious or sexy, but because she intrigues you and it takes time to analyse what she's wearing and really see it. There's a depth to what she's wearing but it's easy and nonchalant. She doesn't have to try too hard.

Once again, I cannot sing the praises of a JW collection loudly enough. LOVE.


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