Saturday, 21 June 2014

Jessica Nails In Bloom

(I think immediately of the Nirvana song)

On Thursday, I popped along to the Jessica Nails In Bloom event. They've quickly taken over my heart lately and overtaken all other brands to undoubtedly be my favourite nail line. Big claim, I know. But there are two reasons: the richness of their colours and the fact that they're all about care as well as appearance. The new line of colours is just as gorgeous as the last and I'm utterly in love.

On the night I chose a blue that looks as though a powdery and pastel shade had a baby together. I mean, how divine and lovely is it? Part of the new line, it's called Enchanting and had people complimenting me and asking what it was all day. The new range also includes a darker, cobalt blue, a mint, two lilac shades and a red - mostly a pastel line but more interesting than just any other pastel line and so perfect for summer and beyond. Honestly, every single one is a winner and I'm impressed by the size of the bottles and quality. It helps that the lady who did my nails told me a bit about their founder who sounds like an absolute legend! Love me a female business powerhouse.

Anyway, I've been blabbing for a bit now. Have a gawk at my images from the night and let me know what colour you like best!

Injured my lovely nails while wrestling my camera from my bag...

So, the lovely ladies from Jessica patched me up!


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