Friday, 20 June 2014

Space NK hits Grafton Street.

I was finishing up my first chapter of my dissertation (due this morning) in the library when I had to run off for two events, after which I returned to my work - my life is ridiculous. I'll post on the first event, which was with Jessica Nails, tomorrow but for today I'm gonna give you guys a glimpse of the opening of the new Space NK on Grafton St.

Have to say, I was pretty excited for this one as I wanted easier access to the store that I've heard UK bloggers raving about for years! Now our turn! A Space NK is already in the Harvey Nichols in Dundrum but the new location means easier access...potentially dangerous...

To launch the new store there was a wee preview and in-house party for press. Vogue Williams was on the decks and the place was SO BUSY. Peeps are obviously just as excited as I.

The store stocks luxury skincare, hair products and cosmetics and brings with it brands that are normally quite difficult to source. I'm most excited for the Lipstick Queen and Eyeko (LOVING it at the moment) makeup ranges. The Bumble and Bumble stuff also caught my eye as I know it's stocked here in a few places but never so extensively. Ren and Eve Lom are two other brands I love that are outstandingly represented by the store.

My one purchase of the evening was a good'un. The Eve Lom Kiss Mix which is amazing and so luxurious. More on that some other time!

That's all for now! Expect a bunch of posts over the weekend as I'm done with dissertation stuff for a day or two...then back to the libo.

Anyone else planning to hit up Space NK soon?

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