Friday, 27 June 2014

Carven out a piece of my heart.

Carven SS15. There's lots here that's already been seen. But that's most things, is it not? True originality does not exist. Ingenuity is a different beast altogether. It's the thing that makes this blazer more desirable than that. The styling, the feeling, the energy of a collection. Almost more than the clothes themselves. It's what makes buyers and admirers alike sit up.

But the clothes are important too.

People sometimes say our age is inelegant. I say it. I'm guilty of this naivety. Style seemed commonplace decades ago but nostalgia is wont to paint all in pretty hues. Our age can be inelegant. Any age can. Elegance isn't easy and it isn't always fresh or exciting. But Carven elegance is modern, now. It is cool and urban. It's the guy sitting in the coffee shop reading McCarthy or carrying a cello case on the bus. The dude skateboarding to work.

The clothes are sharp, a little fifties in silhouette. One part normcore, one part investment pieces. A touch of adventure. Even a bit of kink. A sportswear inspired waistband or stripe down the leg here, a bondage-like harness-like effect there. Some print. Not too much. He likes to look cool but he doesn't take himself too seriously on the whole. And he plays with his clothes. He's multi-faceted. He's Carven's guy.

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I thought my show reviews seemed so ode-like that I decided to play with form in those I put on the blog. What do y'all think?

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