Wednesday, 4 June 2014


I had seen Steamcream on Asos in the past. Orignally, I was intrigued by the fact that they had a range of their creams with astrological themed packaging. I'm not one for astrology but I like things being customised and I'm a terrible sucker for packaging gimmicks. When the opportunity arose to try this bizarre little product, I took it. The packaging was constantly changing but not what was inside. Why? Why only make this product and nothing else? What is so special about it?

Made in the UK and Japan, from natural ingredients and by hand, the brand attempts to work as ethically as possible and never tests on animals. The cream is a moisturiser but it's more than that. It's meant to be a hard-working product that can be used on all areas of the body - not just face or body or hands but all three.

The moisturisers from VOYA and Surya Brasil that I was already using have similar values and ideas behind them - both are organic and place high importance on ethical production. I didn't really need a new one. And, if I'm honest, I find the scent of Steamcream a tiny bit off-putting; kind of a fancy-smelling Sudocrem. Not so luxurious or lovely. However, when you apply it, it feels like it's actively working. It's kind of cooling and this is soothing. The sensation reminds me a little of lip balms in minty flavours. There's a slight tingling sensation upon application but it's not painful or unpleasant. It's just there, doing it's thing. So far, I've seen no magic, overnight results but Steamcream is definitely pulling its weight and keeping up with my old favourites. My skin is as soft as it is normally and my few dry patches are still refusing to be as baby-soft as the rest of my face.

What this has over the others, however, is that it's wonderfully compact and it was super-easy to throw in my bag and bring home for the weekend. The other thing is the packaging. It just looks so damn darling on my vanity table. And there are so many designs to choose from. Which I guess, all things considered, is nice. Your skin gets consistency and your makeup bag gets variety.

Would recommend to anyone looking for a new, natural moisturiser. And at €18ish, it's a bit of a steal!

Get the exact same one here. Or choose from a variety here.

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