Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Ren's One Minute Facial.

When Ren promised a new product which gives the results of a facial in one minute in a press release, I was excited to try it. I won't lie. Who has the time or money for a facial on the reg? Not I.

(Accidental rhyming.)

The Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial doesn't actually hit shops until September but it's well worth the wait. As chic and sleek as the rest of the Ren line, the packaging is done in shades of white and silver. The tube makes the product easy to transport and it can be thrown into a handbag or luggage for use at home, on the go or on holidays. It's kind of the perfect product for the busy, jetsetting city gal on the run and provides relief to a life full of stress and urban grime. The high concentration of Vitamin C is exactly what your skin needs to brighten and refresh.

The texture upon squirting some of the product out onto the back of the hand is somewhat unusual - a watery gel that has a slight exfoliating grain to it. It's lightly scented and is quite sweet, almost like actual candy, with a soapy undertone.

This is applied to the face, neck and d├ęcolletage in this form and massaged into the skin with circular motions. Then the fingers are dampened and the gel is worked again. This transforms the texture of the product, making it glide over the skin. Think the texture of Benefit's The Porefessional. At this point, the product is allowed rest on the skin for at least a minute and then rinsed thoroughly with cool water.

Immediately noticeable is a brightening of the skin after use. And it's soothing as hell. The product can be used every three days and is suitable to most skin types except the most sensitive. 

It'll retail at €38, so it's a good deal cheaper than a facial in a salon or spa and you'll get multiple uses out of it. I'm a major fan of luxury skincare at a reasonable price and this is well worth the price.

Excuse me while I go use it again...



You excited to try it?

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