Monday, 30 June 2014

Festival Necessities.

With Glasto behind us and many more festivals yet to come, here are my essentials for survival and style.

1. Glitter.

Love it. Embrace it. Become one with it.

2. Hair Chalk.

Like the glitter, this allows you to temporarily go crazy with your look...and then wash it away when the festival is over.

3. Statement Sunglasses.

In general, sunglasses are a wardrobe staple for me and for festivals, they're even more important. You're outside, possibly hungover and it's hopefully going to be sunny. Necessity. Then, when you're trying to pack light, they can be a great way of taking an outfit to the next level.

Summer 2014 Sunglasses

4. Docs.

Docs have taken me through many a festival and gig. They're better and more durable than wellies and you'll feel it less if someone stand on your foot.

5. Hair accessories.

Because second day hair is great, third day is...less so. Everyone and their aunt is over flower crowns but I think cute alicebands are a sweet, playful alternative to suit any look.

Festival Headwear

6. A coat.

If you're in Ireland or the UK, you're probably going to need one. Be honest with yourself, be realistic, be dry. Ones that can pack away or are light are your best bets.

Rain Coats

7. Light layers.

Leggings, tanks, baggy sweaters - these things will be essential for temperature and weather changes. Build up your outfit starting lightest layers first and leave yourself the opportunity to add or lose more. A festival is shit when you're cold or damp...but then, maybe I'm getting old.

8. A flannel shirt.

Following on from above, flannel shirts are an easy layer to add warmth which can be easily worn around the waist when unnecessary and can double up as a waist-belt.

Flannel shirts

9. A towel.

Look, you'll probably get wet at some point, this is just so key I barely need to say it. Do I?

10. Baby wipes.

To bathe, to remove all that glitter, to wipe at drink stains when someone in a pit spills on's obvious but it's a major essential.

What are your festival necessities?

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