Monday, 2 June 2014

Weekend wandering and outfits.

Home again this weekend - it's rare for me to go back so often but I've been needing the familial bonding. Yesterday we took in a nearby house and gardens (Duckett's Grove) and today we went to Dunmore East in Waterford and hit up the beach there as well as three others. It's been a weekend of wandering the countryside, eating and exploring places you're probably not meant to.

Today I was a wee bit of a hippy in a billowing Savida peasant blouse and crochet kimono-style jacket over black River Island leggings with brown Clark's gladiator sandals. Later, as the evening became cool, I swapped out the crochet for a more solid oversized black Savida cardigan. Yesterday, I wore a draped navy Primark blazer over my Isabel Marant x H&M top with white Paul Smith jeans and my Next skate shoes. Both days I had my trusty Topshop shades and vintage navy leather bag.

The funny thing is, I thought I was finally old and mature enough to wear white pants yesterday...I ended up climbing a grassy tower of a castle...obvs...and now they're covered in stains.

What is my life?


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