Thursday, 12 June 2014


I never endorse or discuss things I don't believe in completely. Normally, they're things I've spotted online while tumbling/having no life/reading magazines etc. However, more and more, I'm emailed by companies about their products or platforms. I will only ever share things with you Lilettes that meet my discerning standards, I won't spam you or show you things that aren't 100% awesome.

On this note, I introduce you to Otiumberg, a jewellery, gifts and accessories site which has been extraordinarily skillfully curated. Just launched last month, it is the brainchild of three London-based sisters. It ships all over the world and prices start at under £20. How am I meant to be good when everything is SO PRETTY?! Ah, you tempt me overly!

Anyhoo, below are my picks of the best of the best from the site and some lovely images I've plucked from them.


Enjoy, and try not to go too mad!

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