Saturday, 7 June 2014

Little Gem: Bow & Pearl.

I lived in Ranelagh for two years in college and I loved it. I've not ever moved too far away bar a year in Grand Canal but I miss living properly in Ranelagh. There's something peaceful yet current about it. One of the things that gives the area its charm are its shops and restaurants. Some come and go but Bow and Pearl has lasted for some time now. Thinking about it as I was planning to write this piece, I realised I had never bought anything from it for myself. I remember buying gifts there a few times for two of my best friends which makes sense as it's an adorable place and they are lovely, adorable people.

Located in Ranelagh Village, Dublin, just by the LUAS stop, it's pretty easy to find. And easier to spot as everything about it is darling from the signage to the window displays to every detail of the interior and stock. I had been planning a visit and the day I popped in they were having an event with Sonya Lennon to show off Frock Advisor. Another day, another accidental stumbling into an event! Despite all the craziness of things going on and people shopping, the lovely Jean from the store took the time to talk to me and give me a card. The really nice thing about smaller boutiques is just that, they make the time for you and you get one-on-one interaction.

The other nice thing about Bow and Pearl are all the nice things in it. They stock labels like Darling, Tahari, Louche, Virgos Lounge and more. And for a relatively small store, there's an impressively wide range of clothing, accessories, jewellery and little home bits and bobs. The aesthetic of the store is very cutesy and girly with a vintage vibe that's quite apparent. I often say I have two modes of dressing, minimalist boyishness and cutesy girlishness, and the store really makes my latter sensibility sing with glee. But, here, I've been talking loads. Have some pictures and my picks from the shop!


Bow and Pearl

What say you? Interested? Check out their facebook page and pop in if you get a chance!

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