Friday, 19 September 2014


A couple weekends ago, I went home.

I really needed the trip, too.

I had fallen while trying to catch a bus on my way home on the Thursday evening and I was covered in bruises and nasty scrapes. When it happened, I was so startled I began to bawl like a baby in the street. Luckily, my uncle was able to come get me because I was pretty shaken up by the whole thing. But I really just wanted my mammy to hug me.

So, when I did finally get home, it was all about affection, good food and company and being comfy and at ease. When we went for lunch on Sunday, I was doing my trademark luxe schlubbing. Basically, this involves super-soft and breathable fabric choices with loose fits made somewhat more elegant by pairing them with a more structured jacket (still in a casual material like denim here), statement sunglasses and my uber-gorgeous Newbridge bag.

Bag - Newbridge - Sunglasses - Topshop - Denim Jacket - New Look - Top - Topshop - Trousers - Primark/Penney's - Sliders - Heavenly Feet

What do you wear when you need a bit of comfort?

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