Thursday, 4 September 2014

Brand Crush: HIGH

I stumbled across the HIGH lookbook recently, in the window of a shop near where I work. The cover of the hardback lookbook was so gorgeous that I had to go inside and ask about it. I was told the brand was called HIGH and was made in Italy, designed by an Englishwoman, Claire Campbell.

Dat cover.

When I went to research the brand and see more, I discovered that their campaigns are always this gorgeous and conceptual. In fact, I have to say that they're some of the most beautiful I've ever seen. Which makes the fact that I'd yet to hear of them hard to grasp - how are people not raving about these clothes, these images and (dear God) the accompanying videos.

It's also uber-rare for me to want every piece from a collection - even for my most favourite designers - and, yet, that's the case here. They're the contemporary classics, the wearable loveliness, that the brand aims to produce. I never thought I'd utter this phrase...but...Damn, I wanna be a Scandinavian Cowgirl.

Which is the best way I can describe the AW14 collection.

I mean: Dat Stetson. Srsly. Gimme.

Set against a beautifully bleak landscape in Iceland and featuring to lovely, minimally made-up models with moody shots and's really everything I want from a campaign.

Also, the hair is perf throughout.


So in love. Check the images and video below. You shan't be disappointed!

(Images via HIGH)

So, what do you think? As obsessed as me?

I'm off to run around in giddy circles. 

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