Monday, 1 September 2014

Dublin Fashion Festival.

So, here's a wee post about DFF! I was asked by the lovely peeps at to share my thoughts (below is the infographic I'm part of) with them about the annual event which is set to take part on the 4th to the 7th of September city-wide this year. I thought I'd put something here about it too in case any of y'all had yet to hear about it!

(Soz to all my readers/most of you who aren't based in Ireland or Dublin)

As I mentioned in my quote, Dublin and Ireland will probably never be able to support a viable fashion week. However, that's no reason for us to be left out! Dublin Fashion Festival is a fun way to celebrate fashion and fashion lovers in Ireland.

Each year, a "Face" is chosen and this year it's the lovely Angela Scanlon who features in the lookbook produced for the event and will be opening the festival. Over the four days there'll be loads going on all/almost all being free of charge all over the city with super-cool stuff like shows on the LUAS.

Still not sure what I'm going to head out to yet but I'll definitely be hitting up some events! How about you?

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