Sunday, 14 September 2014

It's that time again...Squee-Fest over JW Anderson SS15

Fashion's a funny are constantly running ahead of yourself. Only a couple weeks ago, I was dying to start wearing knits and begin layering but already I'm thinking of SS. And so it goes.

One of the reasons I'm so excited for SS is JW Anderson's collection, Obviously. 

It's very obviously an Anderson collection without being trite or boring or expected. He's great at maintaining an identity while doing new things. Good at playing the same tunes in different keys. This time, his girl is sexier, slinkier. She looks like a lady, so used to being good, who has had a mad adventure with her garden party hat drooping around her from the frenzy. Her midriff is often almost corseted or belted obi-style. She wears big coats with who-knows-what/maybe nothing underneath. She is unafraid of both leather and dusky, blushy pink, She can rock tailoring just as easily as killer little dresses and co-ords. She looks as industrial as the factories that made her family wealthy, there's a touch of fetish and a wonderful disjointedness that she can pull of, that the man himself described as "suspended architecture" to Vogue.

Obviously Anderson but never obvious sex-appeal, never obvious beauty. Instead, it's something that makes you look longer and closer.

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Next season, hopefully I'll see the magic in person. 

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